Friday, 16 March 2018

Mali's pups

The pups are doing great and everyday is a new adventure and learning experience.
I know I have posted very few pictures of them, but hope to catch up somewhat today.

Here are some head shots of the pups about 10 days ago:

this pup is Bela and not Meda!

As they grow, their characters are becoming more distinct.
For the most part, I must say this litter is fairly easy going and relaxed. They are not what I would say overly dominant, they all tend to hang back a little and just watch how things unfold.
They are all sweet and friendly.
I think this is a pretty laid back litter in general!

The good news is we also now know who the daddy is, as this litter was dual sired ( I was hoping for a mixed litter from both sires), it turns out that that was not the case.
We did DNA testing on the mom, both sires and all the pups, and proud poppa is our Rex.

Of the two males , Rex is  the more laid back one, something I do see in these pups.

This video clip I shared on FB, titled Co-Parenting!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

I got my cows in a row

Due to some unplanned and clandestine bull activity last year,
 we have had a few surprise calves at a time when we normally do not calve. This has forced us to go to Plan B, and bring the cows closer to home sooner than originally planned. With very cold weather (-22C) and knowing that our predator pressure is pretty high in these bush pastures, the decision was made to move the cows.

As a heifer  had calved, and had given us a bit of a run around I was very concerned about leaving her out in the bush. Inexperienced momma cow, cold and predators had me very concerned. As  the heifer was not going to follow us back to the barn, and she kept disappearing in the bush we decided to build a corral out in the field for the night. The calf was placed in the pen and after some convincing momma, went into the pen. We added another buddy cow just to keep heifer calm. We wrapped babies ears, gave it a warm bottle of colostrum ( just so I was reassured it would be fine until we could move the herd), fed momma and left them alone. I placed some salt blocks around this pen to encourage all the other cows to hang out in this area. It was a stressed night for me as I was concerned about baby. At first light, I headed out to see how they were doing. Baby had sucked, heifer was calm and two of our guardian dogs were laying at the corral.
All was well. 

So, with that we got underway to move them all a bit closer to home. We let heifer out the pen, loaded baby in the tractor and the move could begin.

I know my cowboy friends would cringe, but it was done by enticing the cows with a nice oat silage bale.  They willing followed the bale, walked nicely in the tracks of the tractor to the calving pasture. Roy followed up behind just to encourage the stragglers to keep moving forward. IN about 20 minutes it was done and the cows are in the new spot.

Mmm yummy a nice oat silage bale...

When I make a curve with the tractor, the cows follow the curve. Good cows.

Chugging along, all my cows in a row!

I hate it when things go all willy-nilly, upsets my sense of order!

Turning into the calving pasture.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Anna and Jane

Eric and I went to visit our two mares who are in training at the moment.
We knew that Anna had been driven before, but we have no idea how long ago it was.
As Jane had never been driven and only ridden a handful of times, Eric decided that they would go to a local trainer to have the basics put on them.

They are both doing really well and we are very happy with the decision to send them away. These two will make a fine chore team:

Enjoy the photo's:

Jane on the left, Anna on the right

Heading back for a new bale

The sun came out for about 5 minutes.

Cutting the twine off the bales

Waiting for the twine to be done

And, ready to go

Feeding cows with no tractor

With only about 9 days of training, they are looking pretty good and we are already excited about getting them back home!

Here are  a few video clips :

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